Constant, unmanned productivity 24/7

New series of vertical turning: constant, unmanned productivity 24/7

With the new MTV 5 Series, MAUS is able to offer a comprehensive range of exclusive vertical-turning solutions - encompassing both stand-alone solutions and flexible production cells - for the complete production of components with a maximum turnable diameter of up to 600 mm, at various levels of complexity, in small or medium-sized batches.

The new MTV 5 Series represents a revolution in the concept of manufacturing. Features include:

Auto Changeover: this innovative feature - with complete set-up of the production system while it is running - delivers exceptional levels of operational flexibility (manufacture of small and medium batches).

Availability of a wide range of tools in the magazine, along with the ATC automatic tool changeover device, which operates very rapidly (3 seconds chip-to-chip).

With the same set-up, it is possible to carry out both turning operations and complementary processing operations such as drilling, tapping, milling and broaching, amongst others.

Ongoing production on a 24/7 basis, with no requirement for input from an operator in the production process.

In-process measurement system that checks the component and takes care of auto-calibration and auto-compensation with a view to ensuring the consistent quality of the processed components.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): the company's consolidated design concepts for the enhanced productivity of the system deliver exceptionally high levels of reliability, performance and quality.

MAUS offers a 5-year warranty, such is its confidence in the design and construction of the new system, which is made all the more competitive thanks to the extremely low projected maintenance costs for the entire duration of the investment.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): this figure takes account not only of the initial cost of the system but also of the overall cost of using and conducting ordinary maintenance on it, thereby achieving the lowest cost-per-piece.

The rigid structure enables all of the available technological potential to be tapped fully - by deploying the latest generation of tools, more accurate processing parameters can be achieved, increasing the lifespan and boosting the productivity of the system.
The main application sectors are: automotive, power transmission and energy, amongst others.

  • High levels of manufacturing flexibility
  • No requirement for operator input in the production process
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Set-up while the system is running: Auto Changeover
  • Non-stop working cycles: greater production efficiency (OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with uptime in excess of 90%
  • Small and medium-sized batches
  • Automatic tool changeover
  • Max. turnable diameter: 600 mm
  • Max turnable height: 400 mm
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
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