MAUS is, first and foremost, a company focused on the delivery of services, which are increasingly becoming the key strategic element in ensuring competitiveness and success in every sector of manufacturing.
MAUS offers a wide array of services that provide high levels of added value and are geared towards the correct use of the machinery and systems from the earliest phases of the customer's decision-making process, right through the installation phase and the commissioning of the production system. When the system is being defined, MAUS makes available to the customer all of the know-how it has accumulated from its previous experiences and, in accordance with the customer, can carry out machining tests to demonstrate innovative processes.

After the installation of the system, MAUS continues to supply the customer with all types of support services throughout the warranty period and even beyond, through a series of targeted inspection visits. All relevant technological innovations concerning the products are communicated to the customer, so that the investment retains the highest possible value and the system benefits from the highest possible levels of technical/economic efficiency. This is achieved by guaranteeing, for the entire lifespan of the use of the system, the continuous improvement of the so-called "sensitive production parameters", such as reliability, availability and running costs. This, in turn, requires MAUS to have the capacity to provide support on its products and systems for periods lasting far longer than the warranties normally offered within the industry. MAUS's response to this issue relates to the concept of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): the company offers an extended warranty (5 years) on the functionality of the system, guaranteeing for the entire duration to provide scheduled maintenance, spare parts and servicing, with a view to ensuring the high performance of the products and systems.

All of these services are implemented by highly specialised technicians who operate across MAUS's main markets of Italy, Germany, the US, Brazil and India.


Analysing and defining the solution that best meets the customer's requirements

consulting applications

Technical consultancy on the process and optimisation of turnkey solutions.


  • Utilization
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading for better conditions of use over time


  • Teleservice
  • Immediate worldwide availability of spare parts
  • On-site technical support