Robotised grinding cells

Since the early 1980s, the onus has been on foundries to automate the grinding process. Certain suppliers have responded effectively to this requirement by focusing on the use of grinding robots, whereas others have concentrated on the development and manufacture of flexible grinding machines.

Up until the present day, these two solutions have played roles in opposition to each other: each supplier has attempted to highlight its own advantages with respect to the alternative solution being proposed by the competitors, often creating expectations that are not met and, in the process, increasing the uncertainty felt by the users themselves.

MAUS - a world leader in the technology of automatic grinding, with more than twenty-five years of specialist experience - has consolidated its position as a global partner in the sector by offering a comprehensive range of flexible grinding machines, robotised grinding cells, grinding cells for the automotive industry, combined grinding machines (grinding and mechanical machining), integrated grinding cells (machines and robots) and "turnkey" systems for the grinding of parts weighing from 1 kg to 10,000 kg.

The in-depth analysis carried out by MAUS on the actual requirements of the market has led to the conviction that there is no such thing as the perfect solution to meet all the different manufacturing requirements - rather, there are specific production approaches for which the right solution has to be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Due to their specific shape, the quality of the burrs to be removed, the location of the burrs and the production rhythms in place, certain parts can be ground very successfully using grinding robots. However, there are other types of parts that - due to their shape and dimensions, and to the volume of the batch - have to be processed on a flexible grinding machine.

In other words, MAUS's direct experience, based on its interpretation of the market, has led to the conclusion that there are families of parts that are suitable for processing with grinding robots, and others for which a combined - or hybrid - solution, fusing the two technologies (robots and flexible grinding machines), is more appropriate.

In short, MAUS has confirmed the validity of its complete range of products and solutions for automatic grinding by supplying the most suitable solutions to match the specific requirements of its customers. MAUS's approach is geared towards the single objective of guaranteeing that the customer can manufacture its parts at extremely competitive unit costs. At the upcoming GIFA 2011 expo, the worldwide showcase for the sector, MAUS will exhibit both solutions in the form of a robotised cell, constituted by a robot with a load-bearing capacity of 210 kg and by a SAM 300 (SAM JB series) flexible grinding machine, for the grinding of parts with a unit weight of up to 20 kg.