Maus at EMO 2011

At the recent international EMO 2011, which closed on 24 September, MAUS received unanimous rave reviews from the numerous visitors due to the technological content of the projects discussed at the various meetings held in the stands.
EMO 2011 further consolidated MAUS's position as the only manufacturer in the world capable of offering the most comprehensive range of products and flexible solutions for vertical turning and automatic deburring operations.
0-km Manufacturing and a 5-year Warranty were the two main aspects appreciated by visitors, mainly international, who met with MAUS specialists in the six days of the event.
In fact, the MAUS products provide an integrated technological and application-based response to the changes occurring at Original Equipment Manufacturers, who are required to manufacture at extremely competitive costs, and also at foundries, which are now having to perform mechanical machining operations that were once carried out further down the production chain. In fact, foundries are increasingly focusing on 0-km manufacturing (i.e. from the raw material to the finished product), particularly for brake discs and drums, wheel hubs and flywheels. This increases the added value of the component and drastically reduces downtime and production flow times.
Furthermore, the power of the MAUS innovation is rapidly spreading throughout the vertical turning market thanks to the new Series 5 products, which have been totally redesigned based on the experience accumulated by MAUS over many years of continuous research and product industrialisation. The Series 5 gets its name from the fact that it comes with a 5-year Warranty. In fact, this tangible and highly innovative approach - never before seen on the market and focused on achieving customer satisfaction - is synonymous with exceptional reliability of each MAUS machine and the MAUS plant as a whole.