FENAF 2011

Given the importance of the Brazilian market for MAUS's development strategy – and also in light of the recent sale of a SAM 500 P flexible grinding centre for the grinding of engine blocks to Brazil-based WHB – MAUS will be appeared at the FENAF expo, which is set to be held in Sao Paulo from 4 to 7 October 2011.

At FENAF, MAUS will be exhibiting a SAM 300 flexible grinding machine (SAM JB range), which enables the automatic grinding of components with a swing of up to 450 mm, height of up to 250 mm and weight of up to 20 kg.

The MAUS specialists will be on hand to analyse Brazilian users' specific requirements and, as a result, to propose – from MAUS's extensive range – the most cutting-edge and profitable automatic grinding technologies, alongside its exclusive solutions for foundry-based mechanical machining operations, with a view to delivering yet more added value to the complete processing of parts such as brake discs, brake drums, hubs, etc.