From the outset, MAUS has always operated in highly evolved markets, making its advanced expertise in techniques and applications available to its customers and offering hi-tech solutions that fully respect the specific production approaches of the end users.

The company's main product lines are:

  • Flexible machines and solutions for the automatic grinding of parts weighing up to 10,000 kg;
  • Flexible machines and solutions for the foundry-based mechanical machining of parts with diameters from 200 mm to 1000 mm;
  • Vertical multitasking lathes, flexible turning lines and production systems for bearings, with diameters between 200 mm and 1350 mm.

MAUS also offers added-value technical support services at the pre- and post-sales stages, preventive and scheduled maintenance, and technological upgrades of products and systems that have already been installed.
The reasons for MAUS's acknowledged leadership can be traced back to the experience acquired over the course of more than 25 years in business. The company was set up by the Carraro Group in order to design and manufacture production systems and machines for automatic grinding, intended for installation in the Veneto-based group's various plants around the world.

The requirement on the Carraro Group to operate in the captive foundry market - which is highly evolved in terms of the specific technologies deployed within it and highly demanding in terms of its expectations - enabled MAUS to develop unrivalled, exclusive expertise, which has subsequently been made fully available to the free market with a view to responding effectively to the specific needs of the company's client base, which cover everything from standard machines to highly engineered "turnkey" systems.

Today MAUS is a company with 55 staff and a turnover of around 20 million euros. To meet the requirements of its target market, MAUS is currently implementing a development plan that will see, alongside the manufacturing site in Italy, the setting up of sales and support centres across the world, and specifically in strategic areas such as Germany, the United States, India and Brazil, where the company now has a presence that includes sales infrastructures and technical support centres.