MAUS acquires operational independence from the Carraro Group S.p.A. and begins to expand its target market, gearing its production of special purpose machines and systems towards new customers.


  MAUS designs the first numerical-control automatic grinding machine (the SAM 600), which is subsequently installed in the Montello foundry.


  The MAUS production programme is expanded with the release onto the market of the new line of vertical turning products, which is complementary to the line of automatic grinding machines. MAUS delivers the first vertical turning line to the ITM group.


  MAUS is one of the first companies to exploit the potential afforded by the application of CAD 2D software to its design operations.


  The company implements new systems of 3D design with (static and dynamic) analysis of the finished elements: a process innovation that places MAUS's products even more at the forefront of the industry.


  Development of the new Focur SA diamond wheel, which is the result of design operations implemented in synergy with Tyrolit: a product innovation that boosts yet further the competitiveness of the automatic grinding machines produced by MAUS.


  MAUS creates the first line for the complete machining of alloy wheels, from drilling to turning. The W3000 O.C. model is dedicated to Oscar Carraro, a member of the executive board, who passed away on 25 September 2003.


  MAUS Germany Sales & Service is inaugurated in Frankfurt. This sales and technical support unit assists customers in one of the company's main markets and helps to expand the company's presence on the European stage.


  The North-American subsidiary MAUS USA is inaugurated in Calhoun, Georgia. This new business is intended to make the sales operations and support services for US customers more rapid and efficient.


  The Joint Venture with TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd is established, based in Pune, India. This valuable partnership consolidates the presence of MAUS in the Indian market, enabling closer contact with the end users in this part of the world.


  MAUS receives a major order from one of the world's leading commercial-vehicle manufacturers for the supply of a turning line for the complete machining of truck hubs, from the raw material to the finished part.


  2009 turns out to be a very difficult year for the industry. The strategy implemented by MAUS to counteract the crisis involves investing in new products with a view to offering even more competitive solutions to the market.


  The company is reorganised in response to the industry-wide crisis. This year marks the turnaround after the challenges of 2009.


  With the introduction of the Robogrind series, MAUS completes its automatic grinding line, consolidating its position as the only company in the world with the capacity to offer an all-inclusive range for parts weighing from 1 kg to 10,000 kg.


  Maus has been taken over by a group of investors including the holding company Forever of the Rossi Cairo family and Italglobal Partners.


  Establishment of a joint venture in the USA “Palmer Maus North America Corp.” Together with the company Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., an American manufacturer of no-bake equipment for foundries. This agreement strengthens the Maus brand in the northern American market.


  Acquisition of the company FRITZ HANSBERG, an important company specialized in the manufacturing of molding lines and coreshooting machines in cold box and inorganic.


  Acquisition of the brand FOUNDRY AUTOMATION, a manufactured of coreshooting machines.


  Approval of the business plan, company reorganization, and relaunch of the Group thanks to a new investor.


  Development of new products. Launch in the market of the Readygrind dispalyed at the intenational exhibitions CastExpo (USA) and Gifa (Germany).